Trump explains why Dems, media are “very hostile” to the vaccine


On Sunday, President Trump will join Mark Levin on Life, Liberty & Levin for a full hour-long interview. Levin posted a brief clip of a brief exchange with the President and it is powerful. It’s also something the media will either ignore or distort.

Levin brings up the fact that the Democrats and media are “very hostile” to the vaccine coming out quickly. Instead of welcoming it, they’re using it to demonize the President. It’s a good thing, but you would never know that from their comments.

Levin points out that the CEOs of these pharmaceutical companies have explained and stated for the record they’re following the science in the development of a COVID vaccine. However, the anti-science Democrats are attacking that process because they don’t want Trump to get credit. That’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s reality, obvious reality.

In effect, the Democrats and their media are discouraging Americans from taking the vaccine and some might die because of it. They don’t seem to care.

For the same reason, blue cities and states’ leaders are refusing to open up businesses. What Democrats are willing to do to win should have put them out of the race, but thanks to the corrupt media, it isn’t.

President Trump explains that is the case:

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