Eric Holder’s Remarkable Lie


Eric Holder suggests in the clip below that Donald Trump would tell a compliant Attorney General to look through a political opponent’s life to seek revenge. This is, of course, what Democrats are doing to Republicans. Holder also claims it will damage our democracy at large.

When Democrats talk about democracy, they mean socialism. These people do not follow the Constitution or respect the separate but equal powers of government. They brag about ignoring the Supreme Court.

Donald Trump never went after Hillary, but Hillary paid for the dossier to get Trump and lied about it to influence the election. She only paid a fine. However, in Donald Trump’s case, with the suggestion of intent to influence an election, they will possibly imprison him. We don’t know the crime Trump was convicted of committing in the Manhattan case since it has never been named, but it appears to be an intent to influence the election by paying for an NDA and putting it down as a legal expense. That is the only column that applies.

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