Eric Swalwell’s Dumb Tweet of the Week


I just saw this Swalwell tweet and it’s precious. Eric Swalwell, arguably one of the dumbest men in Congress, believes men celebrating a new child must have paid family leave. According to him, it’s not even open to debate and should be in the Bill of Rights. Just because men don’t get hemorrhoids, swelling of the extremities and face, and genital bleeding doesn’t mean they aren’t entitled. They suffer too, you know.

Gee, I seem to remember my husband saying how glad he was that he wasn’t me.

One Twitter user wrote: I bet you want banging Chinese spies to be in the Bill of Rights too.

Almost everyone else on the Swalwell thread wants ‘paid family leave’ for men because there is no end to what Democrats will spend no matter how deeply in debt we are. Money stolen from others is no object.

Men can use vacation days. We can’t afford this.

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