Eric Trump: Hundreds of subpoenas


Eric Trump at about 5:50 talks about the sad farewell when his father allegedly lost the 2020 election. Then he went into the hundreds and hundreds of subpoenas he received and how they weaponized the system against them. They tried to cancel the, their friends, family, and anyone who came close to them. They went after Barron and the children, Eric’s one and one-and-a-half and one-year-old children.

“We went to war every day,” and he doesn’t think people “even comprehend” what the Democrats tried to do and “what they put us through” behind the scenes.

And they “would do it in a second again” because “it was so transformational.”

They were “honored” to do it. The Trumps did it as a family “for the right reasons.”

His father, he said of his father, the “backbone he has, the spine he has”, fighting for the country. He is a “remarkable person” who is “willing to fight for the country.”

“There has never been anyone like him in American Politics and there probably will never be anyone like him again.”

Go to 5:50:

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