Erickson: “MSNBC” Is “Trying to Get Donald Trump Assassinated”


After Nikki Haley nominated Donald Trump, MSNBC went on a wild, vicious rant against Donald Trump. Nicole Wallis expressed shock and told her audience, “We need shrinks and cult experts to explain this.” Wallis never said anything like that when Harris became VP after calling him racist.

Rep. Goldman was on MSNBC telling the ‘unified Reich‘ lie, claiming Trump plans to become Kim Jong Un.

Erick Erickson said of the insane reaction, if MSNBC were honest, they’d admit they’re trying to get Donald Trump assassinated.

“Some of you won’t like what I am about to say,” Erickson said, “but it’s the truth. If we’re being really honest, the existential daily panic at MSNBC over the prospect of a Trump second term is an attempt to get him assassinated. They’ve already done this before. James Hodgkinson fired 70 rounds at congressional Republicans, and Floyd Lee Corkins attempted to shoot up the Family Research Council after each man was inspired to violence by MSNBC.” [Clip Below]

Why Do Some of Trump’s Worse Critics Now Support Him?

Erick Erickson explained why Nikki Haley and others like her went with Donald Trump over Joe Biden. He said Democrats insist Biden’s policies are good when they are not. The media will tell you the economy is great when it’s not. They ignore the open borders or lie about it. You will only hear them cover up the disastrous foreign policy.

Foreign Policy

Americans, Erickson said, “look at the world… We all woke up to news China has surrounded Taiwan with warships….Taiwan had two candidates for president. One was Let’s be friends with China, and one was screw China, and the Taiwanese voters voted for the screw China guy….China was not happy, so they surrounded the nation the day the president was sworn into office with warships as a show of force. The Russians have started using gas weapons in Ukraine to kill the Ukrainians on the battlefield. Joe Biden has built a pier in Gaza to deliver humanitarian supplies, and Hamas is firing at the US soldiers unloading the supplies.”

“There’s news out this morning that when John Kerry was Secretary of State, John Kerry blocked investigations into Iranian spies in this country. When the US attorney general attempted to confront him, he fled the building so as not to be asked awkward questions as to why the State Department was obstructing an investigation into Iranian spies on American soil. If ever someone could be described as a traitor, it would be John Kerry, and this man has been making kissy faces with China on behalf of Joe Biden for global warming and climate change.

The Economy

“Joe Biden has advanced a Green New Deal that has lobotomized the American economy in favor of China, made us more dependent on China, turned a blind eye to the southern border, and allowed a mass wave of humanity across the southern border.

“It now turns out that the guys who tried to get into Quantico were from Jordan. The FBI is investigating the national security implications.

The Fantasy Story

“And the media wonders why on earth Nikki Haley would go with Donald Trump over Robert Kennedy or Joe Biden/ “Here, my friends, is the problem. When you spend all your time concocting a fantasy story and tell yourself and begin to believe it’s true, you lose touch with reality…

“Now the media… told themselves this idealized story that Donald Trump is a Russian … who the Russians installed into office, they stole the election, and Donald Trump advanced Russia’s agent. Never mind that Donald Trump, when he was in office, actually imposed more sanctions on Russia than Barack Obama did. True story.

Torching Supporters

“They began to believe the lie, and then they began to convince themselves that the Trump supporters were deplorables, bitter clingers to their guns and religion. They were deplorable racists; they began to internalize it; they began to believe it; they began to tell themselves the stories that they were morally superior. And along comes Nikki Haley, who campaigns against Donald Trump, runs to be president, and says he did a lot of good, but it’s time for someone new; he’s just too divisive; he says things that don’t bring the country together. And in it, they heard themselves.

Nikki Betrayed Them

“But now she’s decided to vote for Donald Trump, and they feel personally betrayed…

“Nikki Haley turns out to be representative of a large portion of the Republican Party, and she’s come on board with Donald Trump, and you could expect others who say the same things will come on board with Donald Trump because they don’t like Donald Trump.

“I realize there are a lot of you who really like Donald Trump. But you gotta understand that a large portion of the public… I dare say that a majority of the voting public doesn’t really like Donald Trump. But they like his policies. They’re willing to hold their nose and suck it up because they really despise Joe Biden at this point. Joe Biden promised a restoration of normalcy. Instead, he handed the country over to the far left. And so people may not like Donald Trump in a way you like Donald Trump, but they’re willing to vote for him.”

Erick Erickson didn’t mention Donald Trump’s speech in the South Bronx. It was good. He did not focus on calling people out with offensive names. Instead, he gave a speech uniting us. I’m convinced a lot of people hate Trump because they let the media attacks affect them. Erickson said Trump is “goofy,” but “his policies are good.” Isn’t that what matters?

Biden has turned the government pver to Communists.

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