Erickson: Trump Will Lose Immunity Case, But the Lawyers Are Fine With It


Erick Erickson said today that Trump would lose the immunity case and that his lawyer wasn’t good, not having answers to the Justice’s questions. Erickson said there is no way Donald Trump will win this case. The argument is that the president has to be impeached before he can be criminally prosecuted, and Erickson said it is a ridiculous argument.

Trump’s lawyer didn’t have a good answer to the question asked by the lower court: Can he order SEAL Team Six to go out and kill his rival?

Erickson believes Trump’s lawyers are okay with losing the case. What they are doing is running out the clock. He thinks Trump could lose 9-0. His lawyers think Donald Trump will win in November, and these cases won’t matter.

Erickson believes everyone is missing the point and trying to make it to the election. While he’s in office, everything will be paused. He also sees this case being ruled on and additional appeals to follow.

Alvin Bragg is scuttling his own case, and Fani is doing the same to hers. That’s why Jack Smith is trying to rush his cases, says Erickson, especially the documents case. It’s the strongest case, he says.

Erickson said all these cases will take a long time, and Bragg’s is a joke.

Julie Kelly said the Justices don’t seem to feel Presidents should be criminally prosecuted for functions of office. The problem comes when considering who makes that decision.

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