ESPN Calls for Transgender Indoctrination in K-3


The only way the Left can win their point is to lie. To say the bill banning transgender indoctrination in Florida schools is a “Don’t Say Gay Bill” is a lie. The bill prevents transgenderism indoctrination in grades K-3. K-3 children shouldn’t be thinking about sex.

The new legislation in Florida prohibits “classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity” in K-3 classrooms. [Teachers are supposed to teach the basics, not sex changes.]

The bill, also known as the Parental Rights in Education Bill, will ban the discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity in schools for children under the age of 10.

ESPN held a moment of silence over this lie during an NCAA game.

“Our allyship is going to take a front seat,” said Elle Duncan, during a break in the Women’s NCAA tournament to hold a “moment of silence” over what the media and WOKEs call the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. They are an arm of the Democrats who are certifiably left.


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