Esteemed Ivy League gave an office, key to housing, to known pedophile pimp


Upon popular request, Harvard University president Larry Bacow sent a memo to Harvard “alumni and friends.” The memo is just an ‘update’ on Jeffrey Epstein’s ties to the university.

Harvard took money from Epstein [9.1 million, money talks] as the memo goes:

The report [by Harvard’s general counsel] confirms that the University received a total of $9.1 million in gifts from Epstein between 1998 and 2008 to support a variety of research and faculty activities, and that no gifts were received from Epstein following his conviction in 2008.

Not only did they take money from the pedophile pimp, but he was also connected to two Harvard professors after his conviction for taking an underage girl and pimping her out.

The Harvard general counsel Bacow eludes to it in his whitewashed summary:

Epstein maintained a relationship with the director of the PED [Program for Evolutionary Dynamics], Professor Martin Nowak, over the next 15 years, including after Epstein’s release from prison. While we have not been able to determine the precise number of campus visits, we understand that Epstein visited the offices of PED in Harvard Square more than 40 times between 2010 and 2018.

This was after his 2008 conviction. The president at the time, Drew Faust, said Harvard shouldn’t take any more donations from him.

But, but he didn’t pimp out Harvard kids:

We did not find evidence that Epstein engaged with undergraduate students during these visits (or during his time as a Visiting Fellow). Instead, Epstein used these visits principally as opportunities to speak with prominent faculty from the Cambridge area, many of them Harvard faculty.

He followed Harvard’s rules, man:

While inviting Epstein to campus did not violate any Harvard policies, aspects of his relationship to the PED, such as his access to the program’s offices, treatment on the PED’s website and interactions concerning one grant application, do implicate Harvard policies and our findings and recommendations address these issues.

The underlying report was a wee bit worse than that. Epstein had his own office at Harvard, with a key card and passcode that let him into housing. It was his office and he furnished it. The pedophile monster visited Harvard more than forty times and he had young women with him as assistants.

That connection made him credible when he was actually scum. It helped when he entered his guilty plea, no doubt. He was basically let off the hook.

MIT Did It Too

In January, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology acknowledged that it had accepted $850,000 from Epstein from 2002-17. Epstein also visited campus at least nine times from 2013-17, MIT said.

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