Et Tu, Ted Cruz? Cruz Calls J6 a “Violent Terror Attack”


The Cruz Crew is coming back together and trying to present him as the “responsible” candidate for Prez. So you’ll see Mercer (Heritage, Glenn Beck, Parler, Cruz) start to ding Trump world (Bannon, GETTR, etc) in coming weeks and months. They want a war for the right.

~ The National Pulse publisher, Raheem Kassem


Three men who instigated the riot on January 6th — but were not arrested and charged — have been subpoenaed by a lawyer for men accused of rioting on J6. There is a strong indication that they are working for the government as informants or agents. Revolver News publisher Darren Beattie was on Stinchfield last night to briefly discuss it and the fact that Ted Cruz is now using Democrat talking points.

Ted Cruz called J6 a “violent terror attack,” not a riot.

I remember how he joined Glenn Beck in accusing conservatives of being nativists. He went down to the border and helped Beck give toys to the unaccompanied alien children. Neither seemed to realize Democrats were using foreigners to fundamentally transform the USA.

Darren Beattie explains why Sen. Cruz is turning on his own constituents:


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