Liz Cheney’s Most Ridiculous Lie This Week


Rep. Liz Cheney, Pelosi’s minion, told George Stephanopoulos, a Clinton minion, that the J6 witch hunt committee is BIPARTISAN! As she spreads lies and vitriol, hurting her own party, she claims it’s one of the best things about the committee and she wants the committee to help tamp down the vitriol. That would be the vitriol coming from the Left that she is suggesting comes from anyone who supports Donald Trump.

Nancy Pelosi is in charge of Capitol security and wouldn’t do a thing that day. She didn’t even follow up on Trump’s request for the 10,000 National Guard. She isn’t being investigated.

An Antifa agitator, John Sullivan, and several men like Ray Epps instigated the crowd but were not arrested. Why aren’t they part of the investigation?

If it’s so bipartisan, why are the reports timed to continue right up to the election, with one coming in October as the October surprise? Lizzie wants this to punish the party for not abiding by the RINO rules of engagement.

Lyin Lizzie is blowing smoke as usual, and she has RINO support to do it.


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