AP Trashes J6 Prisoner Abuse as a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Without Facts


The Associated Press fact check can be accurate, but it’s also biased. They’re members of the hate the Right club. That’s not a conspiracy theory. I have documented it as have others.

The AP states that the prisoners are getting the same food and medical care as any other inmate. That’s supposed to be enough if it’s even true.

“While it’s true some of the suspects have complained about their time in jail, it’s wrong to argue they’re being held as political prisoners. Authorities have said the suspects in custody are being given the same access to food and medical care as any other inmate,” the AP writes.Where are the facts? Do we just have to believe what they say? Did they visit the jail? Do they think the only concern is food and medical care and how do they know they get it?

Facts, please.

They do not address complaints of withholding of basic necessities, 23/7 lockdown, denial of time with their attorneys, attacks by guards. Nor do they report the fact that one prisoner with cancer was ordered removed due to the “unsafe conditions.”

“US Capitol rioter with cancer ordered released from jail after a surprise inspection found unsafe conditions,” CNN reported.

It is clear there was a violent riot that day and it never should have happened. It must not happen again. However, some of the imprisoned appear to be very overcharged. The real problem is the prisoners are being treated as domestic terrorists when they are clearly rioters, and they are being denied civil rights.

The AP fact check is basically calling Marjorie Taylor Greene, Louie Gohmert, and others who visited the prisoners — liars.

So, like that, with one statement of leftist ‘fact,’ they write it off and our human rights continue to be in danger. Marjorie Taylor Green is once again dehumanized and her character impugned. There are no statements of fact in the article.

The Left doesn’t realize they will one day come for them. Theta people leading the pack are revolutionary communists. The John Lewis Act is pure communism. As we speak, Democrats are taking over every agency of government. They want to overturn our capitalist government.

The truth is they hate the sight of us and wouldn’t mind if we died. Currently, Biden’s team is withholding lifesaving treatments for COVID from the Red States. The NY governor put white people on the back of the line for COVID care, even behind people here illegally, calling them all Indigenous.

If people don’t start reacting, we’re done.

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