EU abandoned Italy exposing total failure of the EU globalism, open borders


The EU has largely abandoned Italy during its disastrous coronavirus outbreak. So much for their open borders. Open borders Germany shut their borders and are suddenly the Weimar Republic. Germany won’t even let their doctors travel to Italy to help them.

The illness was concentrated in northern Italy, but now it’s the entire country. Health care workers are facing growing shortages of protective equipment and many have to wear the same face mask for twelve hours.  Nearly 1,700 health care workers have been infected in Italy. Even high-end hospitals are overwhelmed with 80 ambulances per day.

On Monday, 31,506 people in Italy were suffering from the virus and the death toll hit 2,503. It’s growing exponentially.

People over 80 might be told they can’t receive treatment because single-payer, socialized medicine means rationing. Grandma and grandpa just aren’t important enough after putting money into the system all their lives.

Where are the globalists who touted open borders and socialized medicine when the Italians need them?

Italy did a lot to help themselves, and they acted quickly. They stopped flights, put municipalities on lockdown, and eventually extended the lockdown to the entire country as the virus spread. Now they need help.


The EU has provided consultations, according to Maurizio Massari, the Italian representative to the EU, but they need more concrete support. He called for “under EU coordination, the supply of the necessary medical equipment and its redistribution among those countries and regions most in need. Italy has asked to activate the European Union Mechanism of Civil Protection for the supply of medical equipment for individual protection.”

Mr. Massari, shaming them, says, “unfortunately, not a single EU country responded to the Commission’s call.” Only China responded bilaterally.

He also called for the EU to provide guidance, equity, and transparency. He might as well be whistling ‘Dixie.’

According to the Wall Street Journal, there are signs of complete medical system failure, the type of failure you have seen in failed socialist hellholes throughout the world. Their health care has been neglected in favor of immediate needs and free stuff, Monica Showater writes at American Thinker. Italy lags behind other EU nations, particularly in acute care hospital beds, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

This is socialism. It is the globalism and open borders we have been told is ideal. In reality, it’s every man for himself and each country is trying to protect their own. The EU experiment is a complete failure. They went from an economic union to a socialist conglomerate with technocrats in Brussels telling them what they can and cannot do. They did it so when something like this virus comes up, they would help one another.  That isn’t happening.

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