Trump admin might turn back all asylum seekers, illegal entrants over the virus


The Trump Administration is considering a plan to immediately turn back all asylum seekers and any foreigner trying to enter the United States illegally due to the coronavirus.

The plan still needs work but a DHS spokesperson told Fox News that the President has the authority.

“President Trump is 100 percent committed to protecting the American people from coronavirus and all options are in the table,” the official said.

Mexico, Central America, and all the other 100+ countries the migrants come from, do have people afflicted with the virus.

Coronavirus is now in every state and the U.S. deaths have reached 105. It is in 154 countries. Businesses are in dire circumstances with big businesses laying people off. The unemployment website has been under great strain.

Mnuchin warns that without these enormous bailouts, unemployment could reach 20%.

The House plan/bill places the debt burden on small businesses while large businesses skate. The President’s plan to send money directly to Americans, hopefully, a targeted group, is a better plan. He also wants to help small businesses with low interest loans.

In potentially good news, the University of Maryland has some research suggesting that COVID-19 doesn’t perform well in warm weather.

“Based on what we have documented so far, it appears that the virus has a harder time spreading between people in warmer, tropical climates,” said study leader Mohammad Sajadi, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine in the UMSOM, physician-scientist at the Institute of Human Virology and a member of GVN.

As of this writing, there are 6,362 cases in the United States and most of them are mild, and 108 have died. Most of those who died are over 65 and most had pre-existing conditions. The death rate is 1.7%

You can watch the chart from Johns Hopkins here.

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