EU Announces World’s First Carbon Tax on People


The EU Agreed to the World’s First and Largest Carbon Border Tax


Moving toward the goal of carbon neutrality, the EU member states will be reforming the carbon market with border taxes and free allowances. It will soon expand to households and charge them for emissions starting in 2027. It’s a tax on everyone for everything.

The Tax Is a Massive Redistribution of Wealth

The goal of world’s first major carbon border tax aims to make its economy carbon-neutral by 2050. 

EU ministers finalized details of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism early Sunday.

The measure will apply first to iron and steel, cement, aluminum, fertilizers, electricity production, and hydrogen before being extended to other goods.

It also disincentivizes EU companies from moving production to more tolerant countries, something that EU lawmakers refer to as “carbon leakage.”

Under the new mechanism, companies will need to buy certificates to cover emissions generated by the production of goods imported into the European Union based on calculations linked to the EU’s own carbon price.

They want to decarbonize the manufacturing industries.

The EU is inflicting a carbon emissions tax on heating and transportation, including oil, gas, diesel, and heating fuels such as natural gas. The tax will hit whenever you pay.

The plan is to make households also pay for emission heating oil and gas from 2027. It’s allegedly to save the planet. At the same time, it will make the elites richer.

The decisions dragged on “because of the political sensitivity of introducing what many will believe what many will perceive as a new tax.“

“Perceive as a new tax?”

Pascal Canfin, Chairman of the EU Parliament’s committee, warned against it, calling it “political suicide.”

Expect riots. Police recently fired live rounds into Dutch protesters who were standing up against the onerous Nitrogen laws that seek to destroy thousands of farms and kill large numbers of farm animals.

To make the tax palatable, the globalist promise to set up a social climate fund to help with the costs. It could be withdrawn at any time.

The European Parliament and European Council will have to formally approve the deal before it comes into force in 2026.

The US will have give to the climate fund in the form of reparations. The US won’t escape. This is only the beginning. The climate schemes transfer funds from the majority of people to the global elites. That is the ultimate goal.

The World Economic Forum is behind these future global taxes. They’ll get richer and you’ll own nothing and be happy.

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1 year ago

It looks like the goal of the World Economic Forum Cult will be to make you pay for the air you breath; or hold your breathe!