EU Central Bank Prez Explains CBDCs Are About Power & Control


Christine Lagarde

The President of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, explains Central Bank Digital Currencies are all about control. She has said it before, and she means it.

Lagarde admitted that the digital euro CBDCs, which are coming to the EU, are about power and control during a prank call by Vovan and Lexus about four months ago.

It’s About Power and Control

She said the digital euro would be a control mechanism for EU citizens. As the EU,we depend on gas supplies from a very unfriendly country, she said, and we need the digital euro to help us with that. And then she said that we have a threshold. The EU has a threshold of €1000 in Europe. If you cross it, you will find yourselves in the grey market. You risk being caught, fined, or sent to jail. But the digital euro will have limited control.

“Limited control with the digital euro. I don’t think so. In this interview, Lagarde talked about 3 to 400 euros being some sort of a threshold, and anything above that, anything spent above that will be monitored. And it’ll be monitored very, very easily with the digital euro.”

The prank call can be heard here.

Joe Rogan said on his podcast that if a digital U.S. dollar were forced on Americans, it would be “checkmate” and “game over” for the country.


Post Malone joined Mr. Rogan to speak about the state of the U.S. financial system, which then turned to a discussion on the potential abuse of power that could come with CBDC use in the United States.

When asked by his guest about what he thought about the CBDC that the Fed and the Biden administration have been working on, Mr. Rogan responded: “No way. That’s what I think. I think that’s checkmate. That’s game over.”

Mr. Rogan described a scenario in which the government could tie the use of CBDCs to one’s social credit score and warned that Americans could easily be cut off from their finances by federal officials for violating the rules.

“Because if they apply that to a social credit score, if they decide somehow or another that you need some social credit score system and it’s for the benefit of society, and they outline that, they can track your behavior and your tweets and all your things […] They just decided you [expletive] up, and the rules are the rules,” he said.

Post Malone said that the government already has too much control over the flow of American’s finances and that they could potentially cut off funding to citizens without notice if the dollar is replaced by a digital version.

Watch [vulgar language]:

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