EU Empire Fines Hungary $216m, $1m Daily for Protecting Borders


The European Union’s top court has slapped Hungary with a 200-million-euro ($216m) fine. They also imposed a daily one-million-euro ($1.08m) penalty for failing to follow the bloc’s asylum laws and illegally deporting migrants.

The money will be automatically subtracted [stolen] from Hungary’s allocated share of the EU budget. Parts of their budget already remain frozen over similar legal problems [sanctions].

The media calls him a hardliner because he wants to protect Hungary’s sovereignty. That is the opposite of what most of the EU and US are doing.

Protecting Borders Is An “Exceptionally Serious” Breach

In its verdict issued on Thursday, the European Court of Justice said Hungary had failed to take measures “to comply with the 2020 judgment as regards the right of applicants for international protection to remain in Hungary pending a final decision on their appeal against the rejection of their application and the removal of illegally staying third-country nationals,” AP reports.

The failure to “fulfill obligations constitutes an unprecedented and exceptionally serious breach of EU law,” the ECJ said on Thursday.

“That failure, which consists in deliberately avoiding the application of a common EU policy as a whole, constitutes an unprecedented and extremely serious infringement of EU law,” Thursday’s ECJ verdict added.

They demand Hungary follow EU asylum laws. These are the laws destroying the identity of individual nations in the EU. It violates national sovereignty.

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has built walls, keeping most fake asylum seekers out while deporting others. They’re coming from all over the world, but the media pretends they’re legitimate and come almost exclusively from war-torn Syria.

Viktor Orbán
Prime Minister Responds

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán slammed the ruling as “outrageous and unacceptable.”

“It seems that illegal migrants are more important to the Brussels bureaucrats than their own European citizens,” Orbán wrote on X.

Defending the borders of the EU and Hungary is now an “extremely serious” breach of EU law. Some say this means that the Brussels elite deems migrants more important than European citizens. Prime Minister Orbán saw 400,000 people using his country as a transit point to other European countries until he built the walls and closed two transit points. No one voted for this.

In 2020, the ECJ found that Budapest’s policies restricted access to international protection, unlawfully detained asylum applicants, and failed to observe their right to stay in Hungary while their applications underwent full due process.

Everyone knows these people are not migrants and are there to stay. It’s a ruse. By the time their applications are heard, you won’t be able to uproot them. They will sue and sue with Brussels’s help.

Balázs Orbán said they decided to fine Hungarian citizens in the middle of an economic crisis resulting from Brussels’ irresponsible sanctions policy. The people overwhelmingly reject the quota system, and the EU doesn’t care.

Prime Minister Orbán’s political director and member of Parliament, Balázs Orbán, writes:

UNCONSTITUTIONAL: “This decision goes against the Hungarian Constitution. Article XIV of the Fundamental Law of Hungary clearly and unequivocally states that “No foreign population shall be settled in Hungary. A foreign national, not including persons who have the right to free movement and residence, may only live in the territory of Hungary under an application individually examined by the Hungarian authorities.”

IRRESPONSIBLE: This comes despite the clear evidence that migration is one of Europe’s biggest challenges, affecting public safety, harming citizens, increasing societal issues, and imposing an enormous cost on European taxpayers.

The Hungarian government will not give in to the Soros Plan. We will continue to represent the sovereign interests and politically expressed wishes of the Hungarian people by saying NO to migration.

The EU is taking away national sovereignty, national wealth, and identity.

On another issue, NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg said Hungary will not be forced to participate in NATO’s activities related to the war in Ukraine. Stoltenberg won’t ask for funds or personnel.

Emphasis added.

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