EU Intelligence Warns Russia’s Plotting Sabotage Across Europe


Russia is allegedly plotting sabotage across Europe. The warning comes from intelligence agencies. Let’s not forget our borders are wide open, and Russians have come into the country illegally.

“European intelligence agencies have warned their governments that Russia is plotting violent acts of sabotage across the continent as it commits to a course of permanent conflict with the West,” Financial Times reported.

Financial Times continued. “Russia has already begun to more actively prepare covert bombings, arson attacks and damage to infrastructure on European soil, directly and via proxies, with little apparent concern about causing civilian fatalities, intelligence officials believe.”

The UK, Sweden, Estonia, and Germany all say attacks have been sporadic in the past and are becoming more aggressive.

Intelligence officials are becoming increasingly concerned about the alleged threat. German intel chief Thomas Haldenwang says Russia now feels comfortable carrying out operations on European oil.

The Incidents That Caused Concern

Mr Haldenwang spoke just days after two German-Russian nationals were arrested in Bayreuth, Bavaria, for allegedly plotting to attack military and logistics sites in Germany on behalf of Russia.

Two men were charged in the UK in late April with having started a fire at a warehouse containing aid shipments for Ukraine. English prosecutors accuse them of working for the Russian government.

In Sweden, security services are investigating a series of recent railway derailments, which they suspect may be state-backed sabotage.

Russia has attempted to destroy the signaling systems on Czech railways.

In Estonia, an attack on the interior minister’s car in February and those of journalists were perpetrated by Russian intelligence operatives. France’s defense ministry also warned this year of possible sabotage attacks by Russia on military sites.

Our border is open, and the US is allegedly considering escalating the war in Ukraine by sending troops. Russia is running nuclear tests to warn NATO.

Our borders are open.

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