Massive Rally in Dublin Against Unvetted Illegal Immigration


Earlier today, a massive rally against unvetted illegal immigration was held in Dublin. The Irish ralliers want the massive wave of illegal immigrants to stop, and they want those in Ireland deported. Crime has risen since the massive immigration of these people with unlike values.

Millions of people in the EU and the US don’t want massive immigration, but the elites decided they want them. They are the most undemocratic people.

This opposition has been ongoing for a while, but this rally is massive. The people say they are not against immigration, just unvetted illegal immigration.

It’s hard to believe the Irish are rising up. The hosts in the clip say Ireland is a welfare state, and their left-wing views exact a price.

The guest said the UK was going to send some of these Africans to Rwanda, but so far, only one has gone, and it cost them 3,000 pounds to get him out.

The Irish officials wanted them.

The Irish offered the illegal immigrants more money than the UK, jobs, and they declared the UK unsafe. Their population has grown by 40% in twenty years, especially recently. They now want them out. They aren’t getting Africa’s best.

The people felt they had been betrayed by Sinn Fein; the party pushed this massive immigration.

The West is discovering too late what massive immigration does to a country.

This woman seems like an unlikely Mayor of Derry.

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