EU, WHO, UK Expert: End the Booster Strategy, It Doesn’t Work


EU drug regulators, World Health Organization experts and the former chairman of the UK’s COVID task force all cited mounting evidence mRNA COVID boosters aren’t working and the strategy should be dropped.


European Union drug regulators, the European Medicines Agency, on Tuesday warned frequent COVID boosters could adversely affect the immune system. They said there is currently no data to support repeated doses.

Last month, the same EU drug regulators said it made sense to “administer COVID-19 vaccine boosters as early as three months after the initial two-shot regimen,” amid concerns over the Omicron variant.

But now, according to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), continued booster doses every four months could pose a risk of overloading people’s immune systems and lead to fatigue.

Instead, the agency recommended countries space out the intervals between boosters and coordinate their programs with the onset of the cold season in each hemisphere — following blueprints of influenza vaccination strategies.

They say boosters can be used once or twice but it’s not something that can be done repeatedly. They added that we must think of how we can move to an endemic setting.


The World Health Organization, WHO, warns that repeated boosters are not a viable strategy against new variants.

We have had five concerning variants this year alone, and two went global.

The WHO warned that “a vaccination strategy based on repeated booster doses of the original vaccine composition is unlikely to be appropriate or sustainable.”

The expert group, created by the WHO to assess the performance of COVID vaccines, said providing fresh doses of already existing vaccines as new strains of the virus emerge is not the best way to fight a pandemic.

TAG-CO-VAC said COVID vaccines that can prevent infection and transmission, in addition to preventing severe disease and death are needed and should be developed.

COVID vaccines need to be genetically and antigenically close to the circulating SARS-CoV-2 variants, be more effective in protection against infection, and should elicit an immune response that is broad, strong and long-lasting in order to reduce the need for successive booster doses, TAG-CO-VAC said.

I suggest that promising vaccines geared for each variant is an empty promise. It can’t be done in time as each new strain appears. The virus will outrun it.

UK Shift

COVID should be treated as an endemic virus similar to the flu and mass vaccination should end after the booster campaign, said Dr. Clive Dix, former chairman of the UK’s vaccine task force.

“We need to analyze whether we use the current booster campaign to ensure the vulnerable are protected if this is seen to be necessary,” he said. “Mass population-based vaccination in the UK should now end.”

Calling for a “major rethink” of the UK’s COVID strategy, Dix encouraged the ministers to “urgently back research into COVID immunity beyond antibodies” to include B-cells and white blood cells, called T-cells.

Dix said there should be a shift to disease management from viral spreading, and “stopping progression to severe disease in vulnerable groups” should be the future objective.

He makes a lot more sense than Dr. Fauci.


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1 year ago

The Politicians see the writing on the wall. The data is in, it’s been there for over 6 months, the “Shot” doesn’t work. Now the big question if how dangerous was it? We may not know that answer for years. Politicians are now trying to unwind their attempted Coup so they literally can keep their heads. By summer, the idea of Boosters and Vaccine Passports will be old news. The big question is will level headed Americans who didn’t buy into the Hoax, go after the Traitors?

What we have seen over the last two years is just how dangerous Government Mandate power is; especially when given to un-elected Bureaucrats. Government at the Federal Level and even the State Level should not have Mandate Powers regarding Medicine, Drugs, and Healthcare. Healthcare is an individual inalienable right given to people by God, not Government. During this period we watched Government trample all of the Bill of Rights. We can’t let this go unanswered. Even now you have the Federal Government withholding medications for Political Reasons from States. NO ONE should have to depend on Government for ANY drug or Medication. Even so called dangerous drugs should be available over the counter. The Damage the Government has done during the COVID outbreak by withholding drugs, is simply intolerable. Government incompetency has been more dangerous than the drugs or COVID.

My Grandfather, who was born in 1890, once told me, “America didn’t have a Drug Problem until there was the Food and Drug Administration.” History is proving him correct. The “War on Drugs” is a farce and failure. All the “War on Drugs” has done is make criminals rich and waste TRILLIONS of dollars. The money involved has driven Big Blue City crime to Prohibition Levels. When are people going to learn that everything Government touches turns to shit, so you keep Government from touching everything related to the Individual. Government is good a breaking things so limit the Federal Government to things like Armies, Navies, and Border Protection and keep the Federal Government out of the lives of People. Then Limit State Government to things that are absolutely necessary.