EU Will Normalize Constant Illegal Migration & Criminalize Criticism


The EU Compact Migration website embraces the UN’s Global Migration plan of non-stop migration. Their website claims it represents European values.

“The Pact on Migration and Asylum is a set of new rules managing migration and establishing a common asylum system at the EU level that delivers results while remaining grounded in our European values,” the website states.

The plan, following UN guidance, is to normalize illegal immigration permanently. It means the end of sovereignty.

“It builds on and amends previous reform proposals in the area of migration, offering a comprehensive approach that aims at strengthening and integrating key EU policies on migration, asylum, border management and integration. With firm but fair rules, it is designed to manage and normalise migration for the long term, providing EU countries with the flexibility to address the specific challenges they face and necessary safeguards to protect people in need.”

Emphasis added.

The pillars:
  • Secure external borders
  • Fast and efficient procedures
  • Effective system of solidarity and responsibility
  • Embedding migration in international partnerships

The pillars are meant to normalize illegal immigration, not ensure human rights as they claim.

The EU declares allegiance to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, which mandates non-stop illegal migration as a human right. They want to legitimize and normalize this.

This is all led by the UN, a communist-controlled dictator’s club.

While they claim it’s not legally binding, it sets a legal framework that will be hard to resist. This communist survivor said they are going to extend the definition of hate speech. They plan to criminalize anti-migration speech. As he says, it is the legalization of migration.

This could be an older video since he references Angela Merkel’s welcome to immigrants, or it could be recent. However, the compact is unfolding in real time, and his comments are current.

You can read the compact here: EPRS_BRI(2017)614638_EN

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