Fake Trial Alert! Star Witness Cohen Lied About Everything; Blanche Obliterated Him


Michael Cohen’s former lawyer, Robert Costello, continued his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday, obliterating whatever was left of delusional Michael Cohen’s reputation. Cohen waived attorney-client privilege, which is why his former lawyer is talking. Cohen told Costello that he had nothing on Donald Trump.

The clip below is very interesting if you want to listen to it, but just to give you an idea of what he says in his testimony – he repeatedly describes Michael Cohen’s lies. Michael Cohen is a congenital liar.

Mr. Costello represented him during the Southern District of New York’s (SDNY) investigation of Cohen Their goal was obviously to get Trump, but they were perfectly willing to put him in prison.

When he first spoke to Mr. Costello, Cohen told him that he was not going to prison. He said he needed an escape route and had considered jumping off the roof of a building.

Costello explained to him that his escape route was to give the SDNY attorneys, who were investigating him, any truthful information he might have that would harm Donald Trump since that is obviously what they’re looking for.

Over and over, Cohen said he had nothing on Donald Trump. At one point, he said well, I know there’s money missing from the Trump Ball, and Mr. Costello asked if Donald Trump was involved in that and he said ‘no.’ He asked Cohen if Donald Trump knew about it, and Michael Cohen said ‘no.” That’s how it went.

In addition to lying constantly and also saying he had nothing on Trump, Costello said Cohen appeared manic.

According to Mr. Costello, the DA’s office held back exculpatory evidence in Trump’s case:

Today’s Testimony

That takes us to his testimony today. Jim Hoft had a reporter at the trial today who said that Cohen admitted he had to flip on Trump, or they’d go after his wife. He said that is why he pleaded guilty. Cohen had his office and home raided before this. They took everything. They then used what they found to bully and threaten him and his wife.

If Cohen is telling the truth about the threat, it just makes the case look even more ridiculous.

Cohen was told to tell the jury about the initial raid of his home and office:

“7 o’clock in the morning, there was a knock on the door. I looked through the peep hole, and I saw a ton of people in the hallway, and so I saw a badge. So I open the door …the FBI asked me to step into the hallway, which I did. I found out that simultaneously they had also, the FBI raided my apartment that was under construction, law office, and TD Bank, which is a safety deposit box that I had just opened to put valuables in because I didn’t want to keep them in the hotel or obviously in the apartment.”

He described the kinds of things they seized. “The search warrant gave them the right to take my two cell phones, to take any and all electronic devices as well as records. They took my cell phones, tax books, as well as other documents. I ultimately found out that they basically packed up much of the documentation that was in my law office and took that out as well.”

They were going to file an 80-page indictment that included Cohen’s wife if he didn’t plead guiltu, and he said he “elected to protect my family.”

Cohen agreed that the pressure, the threat from the government and the prosecutors from the Southern District of New York to indict his wife is what made him decide to plead guilty. He and his wife filed jointly, and that put her in danger.

The government sounds like thugs in an organized crime family.

Then the Pounding Came

Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche, went to the call on the evening of October 24, 2016, where they allegedly discussed the Stormy Daniels matter and the resolution. Trump’s aide sat beside him and handed him the phone. When Cohen spoke with Mr. Trump, he claimed he spoke with him about the Stormy situation, but as it turns out, it would have been pretty much impossible.

They were having a different conversation with Donald Trump about security and a guy named Schiller because of a 14-year-old prankster.

Todd Blanche obliterated Cohen’s testimony. On Monday, Blanche will take him down some more.

CNN thinks Cohen makes things up as he goes along, and Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche, points out the inconsistencies throughout Cross. Cohen can’t tell the truth. He lies for the sake of lying and might not know the truth.

When You’ve Lost CNN

CNN’s legal analyst: “I don’t think I’ve never seen a star cooperating witness get his knees chopped out quite as clearly and dramatically as what just happened with Michael Cohen.”

Cohen has admitted Trump never asked him to pay Stormy. Other testimony indicates Trump didn’t know that he did it.
There is no case with a star witness who lies. The other witness, Stormy, lies frequently as well.

This entire trial is a clown show.

Update: We added more dialogue from the trial and added to the title.

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