Eurabia! 2.8% of 1.2 Million German Migrants Have Jobs, 97% on Welfare


Germany took in 1.2 million migrants in two years, but only 34,000 or 2.8% have found jobs. Out of the total, 97% are on welfare.

A quarter of the 34,000 who do work only have temporary work contracts.

The migrants mainly come from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Eritrea.

Joachim Moller, director of the IAB, said, He hopes they can find jobs for 50% of them, but “it would be an illusion to believe that we will manage to find jobs for a decent proportion of refugees in well-paid industry jobs like car manufacturing.”

The German taxpayers will have bills to pay, into the billions, for the foreseeable future.

The idea behind accepting the migrants was to have them pay for the elderly in their socialist Ponzi scheme because the German population is declining.

Merkel is planning to keep the migration going and is setting up chain migration as well.

After letting in more than a million poorly vetted refugees from the Middle East with no idea of how to assimilate them, Germany has created ghettos of poor, angry Islamists throughout the country.

They are not done yet. They plan to keep doing it but also allow 390,000 of their migrants bring in their huge families next spring. The government says that’s only the beginning number, it will rise.

The Daily Caller reports that the Geneva Convention gives people with full asylum status the right to bring immediate family members to their new country of residence. Since 2015, more than 230,000 migrants in Germany have had their family reunification applications accepted and the number is expected to rise.

The tabloid Bild reported that the government anticipates that as many as 390,000 people may be eligible for family reunification by the end of 2018. Around 267,000 of them come from Syria.

When you have unemployed refugees, they find other things to do and it’s not good.

Germany is changing customs to suit the refugees: one cafe didn’t want to be accused of racism and changed their name after fifty years; in Leipzig, a women was recently raped and the police has advised all women not to go out jogging by themselves anymore, women are told to carry pepper spray, guns not allowed; in a disco, an Iraqi beat a man over the head and grabbed a female cop by her breasts; a twenty-five year old was attacked with a machete and severely wounded for simply walking down a street; three women from Great Britain, Sweden, and Germany were raped in one day in Mallorca. The list is long.

More refugees please.

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