Federal Judge Tells Deep State to Investigate 3 Hillary Lawyers


A federal judge in Maryland County ordered three of Hillary Clinton’s lawyers who deleted her emails to be investigated. The effort to even obtain additional emails is being fought by the deep state in the State Department and the FBI.

The State Department are the defendants and the FBI lawyers are defending them.

The Hillary supporters still control these departments.

Circuit Judge Paul F. Harris Jr. ruled Monday that the Attorney Grievance Commission and the Maryland Office of Bar Counsel must look into complaints against Cheryl Mills, Heather Samuelson and David E. Kendall, citing “allegations of destroying evidence,” according to the Washington Times.

The ruling came after Ty Clevenger, an attorney in New York City, filed the complaint. He recently was denied files from the FBI related to Clinton’s email investigation, due to what the bureau called a lack of public interest.

A lawyer for bar counsel said it was “frivolous” to request the files, but “the court is ordering bar counsel to investigate,” Harris said.

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