EV Mini Cooper Acceleration Decreases 70% in the Cold?


The administration is absurdly pushing everyone toward expensive and unreliable electric cars when the grid can’t handle them.

EV Mini Cooper lost 70% of its acceleration in the cold.

Someone who would agree is Tommy Mica on YouTube’s TFLEV channel. He said his 2022 Mini Cooper lost as much as 70 percent of its acceleration power during the recent Colorado cold snap.

I wouldn’t get a Mini Cooper anyway, but EVs do have their issues. I know someone with the For EV M-150, and you can’t use the heater and the electric seats together in the cold.

EVs are very unreliable in the cold. Heaters don’t work, and they lose range.

The Story

“Hey everybody, so I want to talk about a fairly alarming issue I’m having in my fully electric car now that we’re deep into the Colorado winter,” Mica said in his recently published video.

“So most folks know this point that the range on EVs decreases when the temperatures go down, but performance also tends to decrease to varying degrees,” Mica stated.

“Here’s the issue,” Mica explained as he pointed to the car’s dashboard indicators.

“Look at these bars go down; this is actually the acceleration meter on the Mini, and these little clicks mean how much acceleration you have available.”

“When it’s at 100, you get the full enchilada; you get all the beans,” Mica said.

“However, when the battery is very low, or if it’s very cold, you actually lose clicks as the car derates itself,” the unhappy Mini Cooper owner added.

Mica showed the indicator at about 30 percent after sitting outside overnight in subzero temperatures.

Then he took it for a spin. It could barely make it up the hill. It gained speed very slowly.

It’s risky, of course, and a collision waiting to happen. Going too slow can be as bad as speeding.

They have their shortcomings.

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1 month ago

That whole “eff around and find out” thing just keeps chugging along.

Ghost Gun
Ghost Gun
1 month ago

EV Mini Cooper = D.B. Cooper, a plan that doesn’t end well.

1 month ago

EV need to be garage kept, but then when they catch on fire they take your house with them. The real issue is giving the Government the power to push issues like this. We need to Shrink the Deep State by 90% and take away all Government mandate and Emergency powers.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 month ago

What a surprise!!! Batteries (effectively chemical reaction chambers) get less efficient as the temperature is lowered.
People in the upper Midwest and Canada know when it gets really cold batteries must be kept warm enough to start their vehicles. An oil warmer helps too as cold oil moves more slowly as it thickens. Surprise, diesel fuel can gel in the cold.\

Just proves how common sense is ignored. Common sense is uncommon