Sen. Tuberville: Policies Pushing Us to the “Brink of World War III”


Senator Tuberville of Alabama, a Senate Armed Services Committee member, sounded the alarm on AL radio, The Jeff Poor Show. Tuberville warned these policies are pushing us toward the “brink of World War III” as the military is facing severe problems with recruiting and wokeness.

He is deeply concerned about CRT and wokeness in the military.

Sen. Tuverville said:

“We’ve got more problems in our military right now because of the leadership, because of the wokeness that they’re teaching – the CRT, the things that our kids shouldn’t be taught,” he said. “As I tell in hearings – one of the first things I always tell General [Mark] Milley of the joint chiefs of staff and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin – guys, you’re not here to educate people on social issues.

“You’re here to build a killing machine. We have to protect our country. We have to protect our allies. That is not their number one agenda for some reason. They want to bring all this woke teaching to our military.”

Senator Tuberville noted that they have significant recruiting problems, saying:

“We were 20,000 behind last year in recruiting in the Army – first time ever. And why is that? Because growing up are looking as this, going, ‘Wait a minute, I don’t want to go in there and learn all of this woke stuff. I don’t want to follow up on what they just did in Afghanistan. Are we doing it for the right reasons?’ It just amazes me the direction our military has gone.

“I talked to a head recruiter yesterday, a general of the Army, and we were trying to come up with ways to help recruiting. That’s all I did for 40 years. As I told him, you’ve got to have something to sell that young men and women want in this country. Right now, what you’re selling is a society most of the people in this country don’t believe in.”

Tuberville concluded:

“We’ve got a lot of work to do in the military. Unfortunately, I will tell people this, and everybody needs to understand this – this is the most dangerous time in my lifetime, and I’ve lived in this country, on this planet for 68 years.

The administration doesn’t worry about recruitment. They plan to return to the draft. They’ve been threatening it. They’ve also threatened to draft women.

The senator weighed in on balloongate too;

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1 year ago

I’m Still trying figure out how Traitor Joe can wage a Proxy War with a vote for War from Congress?

1 year ago

Bring back the draft. Once everyone is on equal footing to be drafted, no exemptions, the rich and powerful will crap their pants afraid their children will be drafted. Then they will put an end to war.