Evangelicals Might Ditch Fox News After the Breakup


According to an interview on Newsmax with Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, Fox News could be the big loser in the breakup with Tucker Carlson.

“I think this tells us a lot more about Fox than it does Tucker Carlson. This is the continuation of Fox’s devolution.” said Mr. Perkins “This is not the first popular conservative talk show host that they’ve kicked to the curb. We had [Bill] O’Reilly; we had Glenn Beck, even Megyn Kelly. They’re shedding their conservative skin, is what they’re doing,” he said.

“We’ve watched this process over the last decade, and it’s interesting when we look at our constituency, which we describe as really the core of the evangelical community,” he said.

“They’re informed about what’s going on. Tucker was the only reason they were going to Fox.

Fox is going to lose a huge demographic for their audience by booting Tucker,” he said.

Perkins said Fox is following a sad pattern.

Tony Perkins

“I think Fox is going to be the big loser here,” he said. “I think Fox is going to end up in line with MSNBC — just another has-been network.”

“Fox is kind of like what we used to see in Republican picks for the Supreme Court prior to the last administration. They start out as if they were conservative, and they end up becoming just another swamp creature, and I think that’s what’s happened with Fox,” he said.

Listening to what Mr. Perkins said, I wonder if that isn’t true of a lot of Catholics, especially Hispanic Catholics. Many are liberal but are anti-abortion, gender ideology for children, etc., so they watch Tucker.

It does seem like Mr. Perkins is right. Fox is caving and following a familiar pattern. We should worry about losing Fox. Rupert Murdoch is elderly, and his sons probably can’t run a conservative outlet. There are rumors they are trying to sell. The Left would buy it to destroy it. We have a problem that goes beyond Tucker. Perhaps we can only rely on alternative media for the truth.

Tucker made mistakes, but overall, he was giving us a lot of accurate information that we didn’t necessarily get elsewhere. Fox has a decent-sized megaphone.


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