Military-Industrial Complex Is Happy Tucker’s De-Platformed


The WOKE military-industrial complex, featured in the Twitter Files exposé, is happy that Tucker was deplatformed.

Members of the military-industrial complex interviewed by Politico celebrated Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox News. They’re very happy and might agree with the chilling words from our own Evita Peron, AOC, “De-platforming works. And it is important.”

Carlson was shamefully booted from the Fox News network on Monday despite being America’s most popular prime-time TV news host.

After a 10-minute notice to Carlson in a phone call, Fox told the media that Tucker Carlson and the network agreed to part ways. No one believed that, of course. Many felt gut-punched, but not the military-industrial complex. We’re betting the medical-industrial complex agrees and the rest of the agency bureaucrats also.

Members of the military-industrial complex were vocal.

“We’re a better country without him bagging on our military every night in front of hundreds of thousands of people,” one senior DoD official told Politico.

“Good riddance,” said another.

Reporter Lara Seligman asked Tucker Carlson what he thought about top Pentagon officials expressing glee at his departure; the former Fox News host texted, “Ha! I’m sure.”

Tucker mocked the military’s WOKEism when they should be focusing on warriors.

Mr. Carlson’s opposition to the war and frequent rebuttals to lies about Ukraine as a democracy was a thorn in the side of warmongers. Rupert supports the wars.

There are so many theories about why Tucker was fired, and we think they may all have added up. According to Alex Jones, Tucker took less money in exchange for being allowed to speak freely. Jones added that the network was becoming more restrictive.

Vanity Fair said Carlson thought he was fired because Fox wanted to sell the network. The Left is willing to pay big bucks for it to destroy it.


We have a new reason, allegedly the primary reason. It comes from Vanity Fair.


A source told Vanity Fair that the primary reason for Tucker Carlson being ousted by Fox News was a speech he gave on Friday night in which he talked about spirituality and prayer, something that “freaks Rupert (Murdoch) out.” Vanity Fair Reports that Tucker’s speech at the Heritage Foundation’s 50th Anniversary gala three days before was the final straw.

Carlson had discussed the war of good and evil, transgenderism, and abortion and called for prayer.

“We should say that and stop engaging in these totally fraudulent debates…I’ve tried. That doesn’t work,” said Carlson. “I have concluded it might be worth taking just 10 minutes out of your busy schedule to say a prayer for the future, and I hope you will,” he added.

According to Vanity Fair’s source, “That stuff freaks Rupert out. He doesn’t like all the spiritual talk,” the source said.

Rupert should be getting spiritual at his age. That’s what he has to look forward to – his spirit.


The Wall Street Journal says it was Tucker’s mean [private] texts and tweets. Tucker allegedly called some woman a “c” word. The WSJ was appalled at the vulgarity, but Denocrats want to erae women. So I don’t care if he called her that. Maybe she’s wicked.


The Dominion settlement is a big reason mentioned over and over. A Smartmatic lawsuit is next.

Erick Erickson mentioned Dominion. Erickson doesn’t think you can separate that out. He likes Tucker very much and says Tucker is a very nice, a good man. He feels strongly Tucker will land on his feet. He’s more worried about the future of Fox.


Bill O’Reilly thought he had all the answers and mentioned the number of lawsuits, including a potential suit from Ray Epps [a nuisance suit].

He mentioned Abby Grossberg’s lawsuit. She has secret tapes that will allegedly embarrass the network. Rupert declined her extortion attempt. Now she is suing and giving arrogant TV interviews.

It needs to be mentioned here that Abby never once met Tucker. She was a booker in New York City, that’s it. Tucker spent his time in Florida and Maine.

Tucker has a future. He has said they will get him eventually. Perhaps he already has a plan. He could be the nation’s most popular podcaster.

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