Even Leftist NBC Doesn’t Like Bidenomics – a “Jumbled Mess”


Joe Biden pushed Bidenomics as his winning platform for re-election, and it’s not going well. His economic plan is a failure. Trying to put lipstick on that pig didn’t work because people have to pay three times as much for their food than they did three years ago. Fuel is far more expensive. Young people can’t buy homes – they’re out of reach.

Even far-left NBC News says it’s “baffled” by the “jumbled mess” Bidenomics has left on the country.

No one seems to like “Bidenomics,” the eponymous shorthand for Joe Biden’s economic policies — not voters, not Democratic officials, not even, at times, the president himself.

It’s a term that mystifies Americans and confounds even its namesake. “I don’t know what the hell that is,” Biden said in a speech in Philadelphia earlier this year.

The trouble is, people aren’t buying it. Just as the phrase hasn’t caught on despite a low jobless rate, the underlying policies Bidenomics purports to describe have left voters cold, polling shows.

U.S. President Joseph Biden discusses his economic plans for investing in labor and green energy during a tour of Philly Shipyard, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States on July 20th, 2023.

A Gallup survey in September showed that 48% of adults rated economic conditions as “poor,” the highest share in a year. A University of Michigan monthly survey of attitudes toward the economy found that 20% of consumers expressed that their personal finances had deteriorated between Biden’s inauguration and September of this year. More meaningful to Americans than the overall economic growth that Biden celebrates may be the stubborn reality that average food prices in U.S. cities have risen 20% since Biden took office. Or that the average price for a gallon of gas is $3.44 — less than it was a year ago but still about one-third higher than the pre-pandemic level.

The president has described Bidenomics as “the American Dream.” However, Americans are financially worse off under Biden than they ever have been.

He’s destroying the American Dream and is running on that. His platform is as pathetic as he is and his party’s policies.


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