After Me! Everybody Sing the #3 Song on iTunes — “Let’s Go Brandon”


Based Americans continue the ‘F Joe Biden’ and ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ chants and the left does not like it. Oh well.

Even pumpkins are in on it.

The Song

Rapper Bryson Gray’s song “Let’s Go Brandon” was banned Thursday from YouTube for allegedly containing “medical misinformation” and then apparently banned Sunday from Instagram for violating guidelines on “harmful false information.”

“Let’s Go Brandon” has become a viral anti-President Joe Biden saying following a recent NASCAR race, where an NBC reporter claimed fans were cheering on the race winner, Brandon Brown, when they were actually chanting “F*** Joe Biden.”

The song is now number three on iTunes! That’s quite amazing since Joe has 81 million admirers who voted for him.

Red Sox and Astros game:

And Ole Miss:

DJs are pushing it.

A packed stadium at Texas A&M:

Alabama at Auburn University:

Based Politician:

Harry Dunn needs a chant too!

This is satire but it’s a great idea. We need a ‘Let’s go Brandon’ sign at gas pumps too.

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