RI to Help Drug Addicts Shoot Up Safely with Illegal Drugs


Rhode Island will begin a pilot plan to give drug users a legal, safe place to use illegal drugs.

The two-year pilot is a first for a state, the Wall Street Journal reported. Rhode Island hopes to have everything in place by March.

It was approved by Governor Daniel McKee, a Progressive [communist].

These people are misguided. It’s condoning and enabling drug addiction and drug dealing.

According to The Public’s Radio, the supportive lawmakers say it will address the drug crisis. Actually, what would help with the drug crisis is to close the border and restrict the flow of drugs.

“The opioid epidemic has become a tremendous public health crisis, with overdoses of prescription and non-prescription opioids claiming a record number of lives,” Democratic Rep. John Edwards said, according to WPRI-TV.

“Not only do harm reduction centers severely mitigate the chance of overdose, they are a gateway to treatment and rehabilitation of people with substance abuse disorder. These locations will be under the supervision of trained medical staff who can direct addicts toward substance use disorder treatment. It’s a way to tackle this epidemic while saving lives in the process.”

This is the logic in the pie-in-the-sky locales. What they need to do is close the borders and keep drug dealers in prison.

Edwards said people will be screened and if they agree, and they will have their drugs tested for fentanyl. Then they can go to an area in the facility to inject or snort or whatever where they will be monitored. Then they leave when they can walk out.

Some of the lawmakers said it’s not illegal to use drugs. [Drug addicts keep the cartels going. They buy illegal drugs illegally.]

“If we are truly going to rein in the drug overdose epidemic, we must recognize drug addiction as the health problem it is, rather than as merely a crime,” said Democratic state Sen. Josh Miller, who chairs the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, WPRI reported.

“People who are addicted need help and protection from the most dangerous possibilities of addiction. Having a place where someone can save them from an overdose and where there are people offering them the resources they need for treatment is a much better alternative to people dying alone in their homes or their cars,” he said.

Democratic state Rep. Anastasia Williams said the centers belong in the suburbs to send a political message.

“When it’s in the urban cores, it’s ‘crackheads and junkies,’” she said, according The Public’s Radio. “But as soon as the white population started dying more frequently, it became an opioid pandemic and solutions started being thought about like this one. But when people of color were in need of these same services, mum’s the word, honey.”

It has been a disaster in San Francisco.

This is a direct attack on law and order. That will bring more drug addicts and dealers to the suburbs.

It’s really illegal and breaks federal law, but who follows those laws anyway? We are now George Soros’s open society where anything goes. What could go wrong?

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