Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Admits the Obvious–There’s Inflation


Our dishonest, far left Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admitted to Jake Tapper today that we are seeing inflation. It would be hard to ignore it.

It used to cost me $23 to fill up my car just a year ago. Now it costs $58.

Tapper asked Yellen, “When do you expect inflation to get back to the 2% range, which is considered normal?”

“I expect that to happen next year,” Yellen replied with no evidence at all. Why does she expect that, especially with these horrible Biden regime policies?

“Inflation will remain high into next year because of what’s already happened, but I expect improvement by the middle to end of next year, second half of next year,” she claimed.

Why? Why does she expect that?

“The COVID crisis markedly diminished spending on services and caused a reallocation of spending towards goods,” Yellen added. “The supply of goods to Americans has increased substantially, but there’s still pressure there.”

That is a crock. The goods are sitting on barges and they can’t be unloaded because of the crisis the Biden regime caused with regulations and rules, wild spending and taxation. The government is printing money, making our dollars worth less and less. People are getting fired over the vaccine mandate and 4.3 million quit their jobs last month. Why did they quit? They quit because the Biden regime gives them housing, food, and income.

Let’s not forget what he’s doing to the energy sector.

It won’t get better as long as these people are in power.

We are back in the Jimmy Carter era, only worse, and it impact us for years.


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