Everyone Allegedly Flocks to BlueSky Social, Clamors For It Over Twitter


The media claims everyone, just everyone is rushing to Jack Dorsey’s BlueSky Social. Obviously, everyone is the people on the Left, and everyone is only 444,000 so far since it’s invitation only for now.

Twitter’s potential competitor, the BlueSky Social app, is being developed by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. He will undoubtedly censor the right, and that’s why the Left loves it before it’s even a thing. It’s a fledgling right now.

The MSM says everyone is leaving Twitter. For example, the Transit Authority will no longer post on Twitter. Why were they in the first place? They have their own website. Other leftists are heading for BlueSky Social because it’s not Elon Musk who dares to disagree with the radical Democrats. Mr. Musk voted for Joe Biden, but he’s not Left enough.

BlueSky has 444,000 visits this month, while Twitter has 6.6 billion. You can only get on BlueSky now by invitation. They do have a waitlist, but people aren’t getting on.

The media claims everyone is “clamoring”  or “flocking” to get on and begging for invitations. MSN reports that Twitter is a “buggy mess.” I personally have never found Twitter to be buggy at all. He did let 80% of his staff go because advertising collapsed. However, he told Tucker Carlson that he found you don’t need that many staff when you reduce the censorship.

The media also claims Twitter allows racism, trans abuse, hate, and so on. That depends on how you define “hate” or “abuse.” If they’re referring to disagreement as abuse, then they’re correct. People disagree with some of these radicals. Radical leftists turn off comments or limit who can comment if they don’t like what you say, so, we fail to see what the problem is.

The truth is the MSM wants to cancel Twitter and Elon because he’s deviating from the narrative in this once-free country.

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