Alleged TruthSocial Whistleblower Works in a Harris Teeter Grocery Starbucks



Will Wilkerson, another Vindman-like anti-Trump “whistleblower,” is under SEC protection as a barista trainer at Starbucks, inside a Harris Teeter grocery store. He works 5:30 a.m. shifts in a green apron and slip-resistant shoes, making Frappuccinos for $16 an hour. He says he loves it. Wilkerson helped develop TruthSocial and had a big salary, but he says he couldn’t get hired by anyone but Starbucks [after he stole 150,000 documents].

TruthSocial had 7.7 million visits so far this month. Trump’s former colleague Jason Miller formed Gettr, and they had 3.3 million visitors. Twitter had 6.6 billion. Gab had 9.8 million and MeWe had 6.3 million.

Will Wilkerson, the Vindman of apps.

Wilkerson claims the social media company violated SEC laws but didn’t present neatly-packaged evidence. Instead, he stole everything possible, 150,000 documents, so Biden’s SEC could conduct a fishing expedition.

Meanwhile, Devin Nunes, TruthSocial CEO, is suing him for defamation.

All you need to know is this line from the Daily Mail online story:

“If the SEC takes action against Trump’s company, Wilkerson could make millions of dollars through the agency’s whistleblower reward program, but there is no guarantee.”

He claims he wants to do “what’s right,” but would he have absconded with 150,000 documents if he had the goods? Will he write a book or sell them to a newspaper?

The whistleblower was fired months ago. The media claims this stooge, possibly looking for a payout, is very brave and Orange Man Bad.

Wilkerson is ecstatic at the thought of TruthSocial possibly being taken down one day, and yet he claims he’s worried about Trump supporters losing their investment.


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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
6 months ago

Hey, a friend and fellow traveller for Dylan the wanna be celebrity and publicity hound, Maybe he can get his pic on a Bud Light beer can. Then they could share a few laughs about the people they duped?