Evidence Destroyed in Georgia Ballot Harvesting Case


Earlier this month, we had confirmation that leftist organizations hired “ballot harvesters” to illegally stuff the drop boxes in Georgia. One of the harvesters ended up confessing to the scheme. He says he was paid $45,000 to illegally ballot harvest and stuff the drop boxes full of Biden votes.

Immediately after this revelation became public, the Georgia Secretary of State’s office begrudgingly opened an investigation.

However, GA Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, denied there was any corruption. He also went out of his way to hurt Donald Trump by lying about a group phone call they had. It’s not likely we can trust him to run a legitimate probe.

Voter GA collected much of the evidence.

The group held a press conference today to reveal even more stunning developments. They provided evidence that 106,000 ballots from 2020 did not have the proper chain of custody documentation, as required by law. It is now impossible to prove where the ballots actually came from or who collected them from the boxes.

Voter GA also announced that the videos showing who deposited ballots into drop boxes, and who picked them up, have now been destroyed. The evidence is gone.


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