Evil Build Back Better Bill Puts Government in Every Area of Our Lives


Nancy Pelosi suddenly announced yesterday that she was going to force a vote on the so-called “Build Back Better” spending package, which promised to pass in the middle of the night. It’s an evil bill.

The bill changes the relationship between the government and the people with the government in full control.

The Washington Post was accurate when they wrote this:

The measure amounts to a dramatic re-envisioning of the role of government in Americans’ daily lives. It sets aside in some cases historic sums to aid workers, families and businesses, seeking to rewire the very fabric of an economy still recovering from the financial devastation wrought by the coronavirus pandemic.

The bill allows the government to intrude in every area of our lives.

This is probably a 4+ Trillion spending package when one considers how all these programs will grow and it includes all of Biden’s most radical agenda items.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy spoiled Pelosi’s plan to hold the vote in the middle of the night by basically filibustering for over eight hours. While the House doesn’t have a filibuster, leaders of each party can talk as long as they want in the House.

Democrats had to reschedule the vote for the morning.

It passed by four votes with only one Democrat voting against it. All the rest want socialism/communism.

Hopefully, it won’t get through the Senate.

The bill does not include the Hyde Amendment, which means everyone has to pay for everyone else’s abortions.

Religious daycares and preschools no longer get federal education dollars.

It will give amnesty to the majority of illegal aliens in the United States, including criminals. It gives illegals welfare while slashing Border Patrol and ICE funding.

Illegal aliens who snuck into the country, and who are immediate relatives of U.S. citizens, and have lived here since Jan. 1, 2011, can immediately apply for a green card upon a grant of parole. That is a path to citizenship.

The bill pushes funding to the CCP and entities that use slave labor. It funds the Green New Deal communism – for example, $85 million provides for education and training programs on the effects of climate change on pregnant “individuals”. It adds money to the pile we already send to the corrupt UN, and pushes the Left’s gun control agenda.

Nearly $3 billion goes to tree equity. The largest chunk of the bill goes to gender issues, anti-discrimination and bias training, civilian climate corps, universal pre-K, family leave, tax perks for media, welfare budget increases, food stamp increases, 85,000 IRS agents to surveil our accounts, and welfare, welfare, welfare.

Most of the freebies specify minorities. Whites will pay for it and like it.

Here are a few more items from the Americans for Tax Freedom:
  1. Highest personal income tax rate in the developed world.
  2. Highest capital gains tax rate since the 1970s.
  3. All 50 states will have combined federal-state top income tax rates above 50%.
  4. Eight states will pay a combined federal-state tax rate of over 60%.
  5. 87,000 new IRS auditors and agents.
  6. 50% increase in small business audits.
  7. 1.2 million more annual IRS audits; about half will hit households making less than $75k.
  8. 2.5 billion special tax handout for trial lawyers.
  9. $8 billion home heating tax.
  10. $1.6 billion special tax handout for media companies of any size. Each company–broadcast, print, digital–can claim the tax handout for up to 1,500 employees.
  11. Violation of Biden’s middle class tax pledge to oppose any and all tax hikes on Americans making less than $50k.

Prepare for inflation as well — never-ending inflation until the money runs out.

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