Hate-filled Rep. Nadler Calls for DoJ to Look Into Rittenhouse Verdict


Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY), the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, a truly nasty and dishonest man, has asked the DOJ to review the Kyle Rittenhouse case for possible federal charges.

This is just more corruption from the angry Left. They never accept any loss, ever.

This is not a federal case in any way. They can’t even claim Rittenhouse offended minorities. If they want to back the criminals who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse, they should go at it. It might help them lose in 2022.

Nadler’s “heartbroken” for the attackers involved in rioting on August 25, 2020 — a pedophile, and two violent leftists — one of whom is a member of the People’s Revolution.

The gun was never transported across state lines. There is no federal violation here. His father and some of his family live in Kenosha so he wasn’t going to Kenosha as some outsider as the media portrayed it.

This was no 1st Amendment protest as Nadler portrays it. It was a full-blown, violent riot with these lunatics burning down sections of the city.

Kyle Rittenhouse was made into something he is not by a vicious media and some very vicious politicians. Mr. Rittenhouse’s attorney Mark Richards said that his client, the defense lawyers, and prosecutors faced death threats.

After the verdict, everyone involved in the case faced death threats, Richards told reporters.

“And when I say that I mean prosecution, defense–to me it’s scary how many death threats we’ve had,” he stated.

In this climate, Nadler plans to keep the hate and divisiveness going.

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7 months ago

Yeah, Jerry, Fred Flintstone, Nadler will look into a self defense charge but give a pass to Nare do well Hunter Biden. Nothing like double standards for the Marxist democrats.

7 months ago

Rittenhouse is irrelevant. This is about the Democrat Brownshirts being able terrorize people and burn down cities who don’t comply with the Communist Democrats at will. Democrats don’t see anyone who challenges them as having any rights. In fact, to a Democrat Politician, you only have rights when they say you have rights. Oh! The mask thing. It’s to allow the Brownshirts to mask up so they can’t be identified. The Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers have been planning their reset plan for a long time. They are now in shock that the People are resisting.

The Laser Beam
The Laser Beam
7 months ago

Remember they hate us to the point of intoxication and want us gone.
The Bolshevik enemedia is on now and they showing the sad family members and nothing about the Rittenhouse family.
They just mispronounced Grosskreutz’s first name and said this trial is about self defense and the 2A.
Breaking-the verdict is painful for the BLM stating that this system does not work. (sad trombone)

O/T-Read that a CCP meme farm is cranking them out and loving the division.
The CPUSA (CCP) will not rest until this country is fundamentally destroyed forever.
Please make a note of it.

7 months ago

“This is not a federal case in any way. ” ,Unfortunately, neither was the Rodney King case. After a jury acquitted the officers of all charges, the G.W.Bush brought charges against the officers for violating the punk’s “civil rights.” After a carefully selected federal jury convicted them these fine LAPD officers spent as much as 7 years in federal prison. You can be sure Garland already has the wheels in motion and will attempt to do the same to Kyle. Of that you can be certain. We have not heard the end of this attempt to destroy not just Kyle but the right of self-defense for all Americans.