Evil Gov Cuomo Signs Bill to Abort Fully-Developed Unborn Babies


Governor Cuomo’s extreme abortion bill has passed in New York with Democrat votes, and he signed it. The bill allows the murder [abortion] of fully-developed unborn babies to the moment of birth.

The bill also authorizes a slew of various health professionals other than doctors to kill babies in the womb. It adds abortion to the New York Constitution and removes protections for babies accidentally born alive.

There is no reason whatsoever to kill a fully-developed baby in the womb, except to preserve the mother’s life. There is no reason to kill the child who will still be born, dead or alive.

Even more horrifically, he’ll shove it our faces and light up the World Trade Center in pink to commemorate killing full-term babies.

The bill to abort the unborn to the moment of birth was passed by the new Socialist and evil legislature in New York. It was signed by its promoter, the evil Catholic Andrew Cuomo who has not been excommunicated, oddly enough.

The Catholic Bishops have spoken out, and Catholic leaders are calling for Cuomo’s excommunication.


The new abortion bill, called The Reproductive Health Act, blocked until the Republican State Senate was lost to the party of killers, will allow a woman to abort her unborn child to the moment of birth and require doctors and nurses to officiate. In some cases, taxpayers will be forced to pay for what amounts, for some, to murder.

In the face of calls at the federal level to weaken abortion rights, the bill maintains abortions as legal within 24 weeks of the start of pregnancy – “or at any time when necessary to protect a woman’s life or health.’’ Late-term abortions had previously been authorized under state law if they meant saving the life of a woman.

The governor added the word “health’ and that is very vague and broad.

The measure which Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo quickly signed into law Tuesday night, was pushed through by Democrats who now control both legislative houses. The Senate passed it 38-24. In the Assembly, it passed by a 92-47 margin.

The evil far-left governor can now do anything he wants with his Democrat/Socialist legislature.

If you have seen a sonogram, you know aborting a late-term baby is destroying a baby. Cuomo is now saying life begins at birth when it clearly does not.

Evil reigns in Socialist New York.


This is sick man.



  1. The Devil has captured the soul of the Commiecrat Party. I am afraid there is no exorcist tha can prevail against this pure evil that can only be compared to the Holocaust.

    • This evil must be stopped! The pre-born babies’ rights and the sanctity of life is being trampled on by misguided women’s rights advocates. They are truly the new “Eve” of the Adam and Eve bible passage, tempting everyone with their evil.

  2. I encourage all who oppose this horrendous act to take away the billions of dollars of tourism for this state by not visiting until this bill is null and void.

  3. If you believe in abortions ,you should be made sterile before this can even happen.just like we do with our PETS!!

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