Evil J6 Committee Plans Reports to Time with November Elections


Administrative insiders tell WaPo, “The rough timeline being discussed among senior committee staffers includes public hearings starting this winter and stretching into spring, followed by an interim report in the summer and a final report ahead of November’s elections.”

Good grief. Could they be any more obvious? They plan to use the J6 witch hunt committee to influence the 2022 elections. That’s not a surprise, but they’re so blatant about it. These people are devious and they play dirty because they have nothing to offer otherwise.

Democrats are evil, as are Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney.

The summer interim report will be dropped after the primary races are finished.  The final report will drop as the coordinated DNC-Lawfare “October surprise”.

“I think we may issue a couple reports and I would hope for a [full] interim report in the summer, with the eye towards maybe another — I don’t know if it’d be final or another interim report later in the fall,” said a second senior committee aide.

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