Even their double standards have double standards


When hypocrites no longer care about how obvious they are as hypocrites, we need a new word.

Thesaurus.com lists “bigotry” and “deceit” as synonyms for hypocrisy.

Along with a complete absence of fair play or a sense of humor, the Left which now controls the Democrat party really are bigots.

Here’s the original piece from NBC News which, as usual, was picked up by left-wing news sites everywhere:

Ever heard of a “Leftwing slur?”  Did the propaganda media ever condemn the venom directed at Donald Trump when he came on the scene to challenge them?  No, they fueled it.

How about Robert DeNiro?  He appeared at a major Hollywood awards ceremony and could muster only two words:  “F Trump.” Then, he walked off stage.  For that, he was cheered.

The Hollywood Left was dutifully obsessed with hating Trump, even more than congratulating themselves in endless awards ceremonies. Did any of those smug, ignorant, pampered pooches say a negative word about Kathy Griffin and her severed head?  Did NBC?

The same propaganda media now comes to the defense of the puppet president, to claim that if you have a good laugh and clean up your language to express your displeasure with a puppet President who is destroying Liberty, body autonomy, and the economy, you are a right-wing nut.

To irk them even further, “Let’s Go Brandon” was born out of the very media lies and propaganda that everyday citizens from all walks of life are protesting. It’s fair to wonder whether the real reason they hate it so much is that it continues to be effective.

Has their contempt for Americans who think for themselves ever been so obvious? In response, there has never been more of a reason to think for yourself.

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1 year ago

Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers have no standards at all. They are not driven by a sense of morality, or the logic of Law & Order. They are driven by their “Feelings” and the emotion of the moment which is why their actions have no consistency. The Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers lack of morality is most disturbing. Mentally Ill People like Maxine Waters publicly called for Liberals to attack Trump Supporters and people like her are never condemned by the Psychopaths. With the Psychopaths, violence is always the way when they don’t get their way. Mentally Liberals do not progress much beyond childhood. This is clearly with their inability to take responsibility for anything.

paging Brandon Letsko
paging Brandon Letsko
1 year ago

It shows how weak and lame they really are and thin skin is a problem for those who know deep down that they are on the wrong side of history.
Trump was too busy getting on with business to worry about any of it and he has a thick dermis.
Trash talking about Trump songs, threats of violence, comrade Marxine encouraging the useful idiots to make them feel unwelcome,
Let the comrades own all of the Great Leap OF FAIL.