The Evil Left’s Battle for the Soul of America


Hillary doesn’t find Uncle Joe creepy.

Joe Biden is preparing for his presidential run and has launched his first assault which happens to be trending on the Democrat-friendly Twitter. The former Vice President has been tearing into Donald Trump for saying there was blame “on many sides” in Charlottesville. By saying “many sides”, Trump was trying to call attention to the violent communists and anarchists who went to the white nationalist rally to silence the Nazis and KKK.

It’s doubtful anyone thinks he was supporting Nazis and KKK rioters.

Biden, along with most Democrats and media, is using this line to paint all Republicans as white supremacists while he says ‘We are living through a battle for the soul of this nation”.

Uncle Joe Biden is right about the turmoil being a fight for the soul of the nation. It is the reason Barack Obama always told us what our values were after saying some far-left value is an American value.

The neo-communism of globalism appears to be winning with the help of the hardcore leftists. In order to win, the soul of the nation must be destroyed, It will be replaced with the soul of the left.

One of the organizers of the “Unite The Right” group in Charlottesville was a leftist only six months before though he claims to have been transforming from an ardent anti-gun Obama follower to a white supremacist since Obama’s second term.

Many wonder if he is a shill, but if not, it does certainly expose the obvious – communists of the left are the same fascists we see on the alleged right. They are the same people. It’s not hard to make the switch.

The hate towards conservatives – actually anyone on the right – has been unrelenting from Barack Obama, Democrats, and some Republicans who see them as the real resistance to their globalist goals. The corrupt leftist hate group, Southern Poverty Law Center, has united with the media to demonize conservatives. They are funded by deep-pocketed leftists, so-called liberals, and are advisers to government and media.

The left wants the public to think everyone on the right is a white supremacist. Even Google and social media sites have joined Antifa and BLM in silencing the free speech of the right. They’ve built code into their searches that serves up left-wing propaganda to manipulate people.

The media is complicit. CNN just posted an article using hard-left Marxists as sources which defined all Trump supporters as ‘white supremacists’ by ‘default’.

Howard Dean said if you vote for Donald Trump, you are a white nationalist.

It’s not that we think there is a grand conspiracy and these people all meet. They don’t need to. They all follow like lemmings.

The insane identity politics, political correctness, the painting of all conservatives as racist white supremacists, the acceptance of Antifa,, and Black Lives Matter hate groups, and the destruction of our history beginning with statues, are all part of the same revolutionary movement.

SJW groups and communists like the NYC mayor want statues down in a way that is very similar to what Maoists did in China during the Cultural Revolution.

They erased all of China’s alleged “imperialist history” and their spiritual beliefs in waves of violence and oppression. Priceless pieces of Chinese history were destroyed and political opponents were persecuted. Heretics were killed en masse and the social justice religion took its place. Mao and the political elites won complete power over the people.

Saul Alinsky developed the rule book for violent tactics and propaganda that is currently being used in the United States. Alinsky was a low-class Chicago thug but he’s the one Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton idolized.

The leftists who want to take down confederate statues also want to take down all statues that represent our founding, demonizing the Founders and even going back to the early Dutch settlers.

They don’t care about slavery, it’s an excuse and it’s used for exploitation purposes. Their knowledge of the Civil War and slavery is paltry. Confederate statues don’t represent slavery and no one alive today was a slave. It’s history and they are art. What makes Confederate statues a good first choice for destruction is their vulnerability. Who can stand up for something they paint as representing slavery?

The end goal is the obliteration of the Constitution and our liberties.

These people don’t care about life. SJWs bemoaned the death of Heather Heyer, but ignore the deaths of the two police officers on the same day. They certainly didn’t care when Steve Scalise was shot. In fact, many rejoiced.

What SJWs, the leftist media and Democrat Socialists care about is dismantling our cultural heritage, our ideals and our history.

SJWs are the helpful pawns of the globalists. They have infested the colleges, government, the arts, the media and Hollywood.

They are winning at the moment.

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