Evil! Putin’s Planning Public Executions to Thwart Opposition?


Russia’s intelligence agency, the Federal Security Service, has allegedly drafted plans for public executions in Ukraine after cities are captured, according to a European intelligence official speaking with Bloomberg.

The goal is to discourage Ukrainians from fighting back against President Vladimir Putin’s forces.

Bloomberg reported Thursday morning that Moscow had developed methods to break morale among Ukrainians fighting for their liberty following Russia’s unprovoked attack.

The Kremlin’s strategy, to be used after Russian troops take control of a city, included crackdowns on protests, detention of opponents, and potentially carrying out public executions, the official told Bloomberg.

Ukrainian citizens, arming themselves as volunteer forces, have joined the country’s military in putting up a surprisingly strong resistance against Putin’s troops.

Russian President Putin told French President Macron that everything is going to plan and it’s going to get much worse.

This could be propaganda. It is hard to get the truth in wartime with 24/7 clickbait news cycles.

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