Brandon Straka Is Freed from the Clutches of an Out of Control FBI


Brandon Straka had his home raided and his possessions taken by the FBI SWAT over a no-never-mind misdemeanor that shouldn’t have been a misdemeanor.

Straka tweeted: 13.5 months after an FBI swat team raided my home taking my computer, phone, iPad, hard drives, thumb drives, cameras, clothing & more; put me in handcuffs & took me to jail over a non-violent disorderly conduct misdemeanor- FBI is returning my things tomorrow. Makes me feel ill.

He continued: I was a Democrat when Trump got elected. The media &my fellow Democrats told me Trump would weaponize the government against vulnerable people. They said he’d “round up gay people & put us in jail”. Everything I was afraid could happen under Trump has happened to me under Biden.

Mr. Straka explains in a letter linked to a tweet that he experienced the kind of assault we’ve seen happen to many on the right who are effective and attain prominence. The Left and their allies in the RINO establishment wait for them to make a mistake or a perceived mistake. Then, they abuse their power to set them up as an example of what happens if you defy them.

We saw it with James O’Keefe, Roger Stone, anyone who supports Donald Trump, people who paraded at the Capitol and did not hurt anyone or anything.

What they did to Mr. Straka is unforgivable.

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