Ex-AG Barr Finally Tells Us Biden Lied About Hunter’s Laptop


Former Attorney General William P. Barr accused President Biden of lying when he dismissed concerns about his son Hunter Biden’s emails as Russian disinformation during the 2020 presidential campaign.

“I was very disturbed during the debate when candidate Biden lied to the American people about the laptop,” Mr. Barr said in a Fox News interview.

“He’s squarely confronted with the laptop, and he suggested that it was Russian disinformation and pointed to the letter written by some intelligence people that was baseless — which he knew was a lie,” Mr. Barr said. “And I was shocked by that.”

He did say it was not Russian disinformation but didn’t make much of the very serious lie.

The New York Times finally confirmed deep into an article last week that they authenticated Hunter’s laptop. It had been authenticated by Rudy Giuliani and others, like reporter Adam Housley, who became involved in 2020.


During an October 2020 presidential debate, former President Trump suggested the emails on Hunter’s laptop paint candidate Joe Biden as “a corrupt politician,” referring to the computer as “the laptop from hell.”

Biden, with the help of Chris Wallace, then an employee of Fox News, claimed that a letter from 50 former national intelligence officials who called the laptop a “Russian plant.”

“They have said this has all the characteristics — four, five former heads of the CIA, both parties — say what he’s saying is a bunch of garbage,” Mr. Biden said.

Did anyone see that alleged letter?

Psaki wouldn’t address it when asked at a presser.

“I’d point you to the Department of Justice and also to Hunter Biden‘s representatives,” press secretary Jen Psaki said on Thursday. “He doesn’t work in the government.”


The Hunter Biden laptop(s) was dropped off at a Delaware computer store in April 2019 and never picked up. The owner of the store, John Paul MacIssac called the police when he realized what was on the computers and told them there were 3 computers possibly dropped off by Hunter Biden.

The FBI seemed uninterested, and when they did finally come for it, they said, “nothing ever bad happens to people that keep quiet.”

“I was afraid, I reached out to some people that I trusted, that could possibly get me in touch with the FBI,” he told the Daily Beast. “Then they showed up.” That was before October 2020. He had made copies of the hard drive.

“They told me that nothing ever happens to people who don’t talk, the FBI, and that made me scared because that’s not something I would expect the highest branch of,” said Isaac. “Don’t, don’t — It was more along the lines of, in our experiences when stuff like this happens nothing ever bad happens to people that keep quiet,” he added.

A reporter asked him if he believed the FBI was conducting a “coverup” over the laptop and the subpoena, and he seemed to respond in the affirmative. “Yeah, that’s how I feel about it kind of. Well, s***. No comment–It’s too late.”

Then the media grew silent, and Mr. MacIssac was demonized. Before the election, the New York Post did an exposé on what was in it, and, for their trouble, they were suspended from social media until after the election. The legacy media began to lie and said that it was Russian misinformation.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Notice, 2 years ago, when Trump accurately cited Barr’s blunders in the Stone and Flynn trials, Barr immediately called the leftist ABC and appeared to whine about Trump. Trump told the truth. Biden lied, Barr is quiet.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Barr, by definition the most corrupt American in history, again externalizes himself from the massive crimes he obstructed justice on. We are to believe that Biden lied but Barr had no options to act legally on the crimes.

We can all see that Barr made his concession that the laptop existed after he got word from the corrupt deep state/Intel which materialized in the NYT article.

We need not any admission from the NYT, a CIA arm.

Won't Get Fooled Again
Won't Get Fooled Again
1 year ago

His pension is secure and his pantry is well stocked.
The invitation to the deluxe Doomsday bunker is still valid.
Why didn’t he do this two years ago?