Ex-Dem Mayor: Newspaper Is Unfairly Influencing Biden’s Election


Former Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms is now a senior advisor to the Biden campaign. She told MSNBC on Monday that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s editorial board engaged in “undue influence” on the election. Her complaint was about the editorial calling for President Biden to end his campaign.

Bottoms said, “Let me just say I was very disappointed with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.”

“We have talked about making sure we’re protecting elections and making sure there’s no undue influence. This was undue influence by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution or an attempt to influence.”

The Journal wants him to drop out because he has brain degeneration and is a liability.

“Editorial boards are supposed to honor fair elections. I don’t think it’s fair when an editorial board with ten people sitting in a room are trying to influence an election, especially in a state like Georgia where there’s already been discussions about influencing elections,” she said.

In other words, she wants them to support the candidate with brain degeneration.


However, Bottoms and KJP are likely influencing the election. Biden Senior Advisor Keisha Lance Bottoms attended Fani Willis’ D.C. fundraiser. Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is attending Fani Willis’ Roots Award ceremony. The White House appears intimately tied to Fani Willis’s arrests of Trump and his allies.

Democrats have used the entire media and lawfare to influence the Donald Trump election. MSNBC has done everything imaginable to influence the election.

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