Expect Mass Arrests of Republicans and Conservatives



As we reported , the Fulton grand jury recommended indictments of 30 Republicans who questioned the 2020 election. They went after three Republican senators, Republican lawyers, and other Republican officials. The subjects appear to be labeled criminals for their free speech, for questioning the election, and for listening in on a phone call they didn’t like.

Progressive Democrats are emboldened! They will do anything to keep power.

Expect mass indictments and arrests of Republicans eventually. It may not happen in the near future, but if they get away with this, they can get away with anything.

Fulton County is only one county in Georgia out of 159, and this is one district attorney out of 13. She is a very minor official. She ran on the ‘get Trump’ ticket while funded by some hardcore leftists.  She is now ordained to bring down the former president and many other key Republicans. Even more disgraceful is the fact that Governor Kemp, a Republican, doesn’t seem to have a problem with District Attorney Fani Willis.

Recently we posted a story about a reporter. Jonathan Owen Shroyer, who works for Infowars who was basically charged and sentenced to 120 days in prison for his speech. While he was on the grounds of the Capitol Building, both he and Alex Jones told people not to go into the building because it was a setup. Outside of free speech, he trespassed. He was not in the building and did nothing violent. However, he did say things that the DOJ did not like. The DOJ has criminalized words like ‘rebellion’ and ‘revolutionary’ in the case of Republicans. Read the indictment and see what you think.

United States constitution is aflame

The DOJ has attacked attorney-client privilege, executive privilege, due process, congressional immunity, and violated the rights of prisoners they don’t like. Some have been in isolation for much of two years in a hardcore prison. They have exceeded their authority or lied to get broad warrants, and they have abused the red flag laws. People who were nonviolent on Jan. 6 are being treated worse than some murderers. They are now appear to be going after free speech. People who think nothing of this will rue the day they did nothing.

When they’re done with anyone who questioned the election, will they go after people like me who blog? Will they go after reporters? We know they’ve gone after parents who disagreed with their gender ideology and other left wing causes.

Democrats are flooding the country with illegal aliens who will need to vote for them in perpetuity. They will then demand amnesty so they can vote. This gives Progressive Democrats one party rule. Do you really want these tyrants to rule over you? Speak up and vote for anyone but them.

These indictments are only the beginning, and the primary purpose is to silence us.

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