Exploiting Horror and Dividing America by the Color of Our Skin


The second part of Joe Biden’s speech in Buffalo yesterday was only meant to divide Americans by the color of their skin. He wants to make sure he keeps black Americans in his camp.

Black and white hands clasped, with blurred office blinds as backdrop.This is an African gesture of greeting and friendship.

Yesterday, O’Reilly said on his podcast: “Democrats want to label the Republican Party – white supremacists – the whole party, and anyone who may support it – white supremacists. Lincoln, Republicans – white supremacists.” [Also,] independent voters, not aligned with either party, if they feel the Republicans are white supremacists, are more likely to go to the Democratic side.”



Democrats want a deep blue America – as California is becoming or is. The result will be that no official will need to or be willing to – listen to the people. Elon Musk said it in an interview, and he’s right. You don’t want Republicans to win all the time, but definitely at times. It keeps us in check.

Biden’s immigration plan of open borders is for votes. Democrats believe their votes will eventually replace ours in a fashion. Votes will be watered down if Democrats are correct in their belief that all or most will all vote for them.

Eventually, new immigrants will see how terrible their policies are. Many won’t vote according to skin color. Let’s hope it’s not too late when they discover it.

O’Reilly’s Take From Yesterday’s Podcast

Now, the ideology of replacement. So that is a far-left tenet. Far-right tenet, excuse me. The ideology of replacement is a far-right tenet. If you go to the neo-Nazi websites, it’s all over – that they want, the progressive left wants to bring in people of color to replace white people in America’s census and voting rolls. Neo-Nazis are putting that out. But that’s not what’s in play here. What’s in play is, that Biden’s lax border policies, number one, are killing hundreds of thousands of people through narcotics. And number two, the open border is designed to get as many migrants in here to harvest their votes down the road. That’s a legitimate point of view. I believe that. There’s no other explanation, none, for President Biden to support an open border, and to let tons of narcotics come in, record-breaking amounts.

Really excellent compilation and it deals with skin color:


This person – Miles Taylor – was allegedly a Republican when he worked for Donald Trump. He blames Republicans for the hateful rhetoric. He obviously isn’t a Republican. Perhaps he’s one of the types who join a party for a job. He’s like The Lincoln Project people. However, he’s dangerous. He is accusing Republicans of doing what the Left is actually doing. The reason I include him is that the AP gave him and his comments a big boost yesterday.

He heads a RenewAmericaMovement, not to be confused with Renew America, and supports far-left Democrats like Mark Kelly.

The Left keeps coming up with character assassins who pretend they were Republicans. It must be effective

It’s the only way they can win. It’s all they have.

The irony of it all is that the Buffalo killer describes himself as a former communist, hybrid Nazi, authoritarian leftist, racist, anti-conservative, anti-capitalist, green nationalist, and socialist. He is a chaotic thinker and he is exactly Brenton Tarrant in New Zealand.

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