Tucker’s Very Good Summary of Biden’s Politics of Murder


This evening, Tucker covers the lunatic in Buffalo and the outrageous politics of Joe Biden today in Buffalo. Joe Biden flew to Buffalo today and tried to tie Republicans to the lunatic killer. Biden also made it clear he thinks free speech and guns radicalized the killer.

The President is weaponizing the tragic deaths of 10 innocent people. It’s the politics of murder for Democrats.


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1 month ago

I don’t have to ask what’s going on. Over the last 60+ years I had watch Crazy Liberals go insane. The Government simply ignores these crazy people because there are so many of them. Almost everyone of these mass murders have been on Law enforcement and Mental Health Radar. What’s really insane is thinking that taking away guns will change the thinking of Mass Murders. They will just find a way; like Timothy McVeigh who used bomb to kill 165 people at once. Do we really want to takes their guns away and create mad bombers?

Big Government is a prime source of creating insane people. We need much smaller, much more responsive Government at the local level. Take Nikolas Cruz. This shooter was visited over 30 time by law enforce, at least twice involving a gun. Twice people contacted the FBI about him. There was actually a betting line by students that he was going to shoot up the school because he routinely threatened to. Why was this guy not in an old fashion reform school? Oh! that’s right, we don’t have reform schools run by Retired Army Drill Instructors any more. Therapeutic boarding schools now replaced outdated teen reform schools. We see how well that works!

Pretty much every ailment in America today can be traced back to the College Kids of the Late 1960s. Everything the Liberal Communist Democrat Baby-boomers have done has turned in horse crap. Just like everywhere else in the World, American Communist are also a failure.

You want to stop creating insane people? Put Religion and Nationalism back into the Public Schools and stop babying juvenile delinquents. Reduce the Federal Governmet to less than 5% of GDP and get the Federal Government out of people’s lives!

1 month ago

If you listen carefooly to what Josef Bitme is saying he is actually describing HIS politics that the boy resented and what Bitme created but Josef took it as a great opporutunity to PIN it on the boy.

Blaming it on others is the famous pastime of the left for what THEY do.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 month ago

Very well done….For near fifty years now I have witnessed the “filthy liars” in the corrupted MSM and the malevolent politicians whom they ‘prop up’ dump their excrement on a dumbed down population…Thanks Tucker you ARE needed…