Eyewitness to Biden deal-making will appear on Tucker & he has recordings


An alleged eyewitness to Joe Biden’s dirty deals, Tony Bobulinski, will appear on Tucker this evening. He will play recordings of Biden operatives trying to talk him out of revealing what he knows. He claims he can give details of a shady deal with Joe Biden himself benefitted.

Mr. Bobulinski said he met with Joe Biden personally.

Watch a preview:

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2 years ago

Going high profile. Good choice TB. Note to Trump’s enemies-It’s the Don’s turn now and too bad so sad about your coup and peach mint FAIL.
Be of good cheer Deplorables!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

It’s a massacre. How fitting that after 4 years of fraudulent attacks against Trump by the left and deep state that Biden gets hits with legitimate attacks immediately before the election.

And all the deep state including the DOJ coup department can do is watch, they are helpless to stop the information from being broadcast.

I can imagine the teams of lawyers struggling right now to get Fox to cancel the broadcast. I expect not only Biden lawyers, but Barr lawyers to be doing this right now, with another fake excuse such as the broadcast interferes with an ongoing investigation.

This is incredibly embarrassing for Barr. He had the evidence he needed to act for 10 months. He did not interview Bobulinski or any other relevant witnesses. That’s fine Bill, the public gets to see it live on TV tonight, you coward.

I wonder what Barr’s & Wray’s wives and daughters think about them covering up abuse of underage females.