Facebook canceled us again


We put up another Capitalism page only to have it immediately canceled, even though it has no strikes. They say they have a recidivism policy and it too closely resembled a page that was taken down.

It’s as if we are common criminals. No, I take that back. They think much better of criminals and treat them quite well. If I were a criminal, I’d be free to post.

We started to put memes up again, and, apparently, they hate funny memes.

The censorship is very disturbing. It will only get worse under Joe Biden. He has no regard for free speech. During the campaign, Senile Joe called for Donald Trump’s Twitter account to be taken down, as did his communist vice president, the ‘female Obama.’

We should all find this censorship troubling.

Democrats who think this is great will rue the day they encouraged it. Eventually, the censors will come for them. And what happens when everyone sounds alike? No country can survive well like that.

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3 years ago

Support the STOP THE STEAL, group. They promise to primary any Republican who doesn’t support President Trump on January 6, 2021.

herb daniels
herb daniels
3 years ago

Of course. If you accept the fraud president. You should expect the abuse you have already agreed to by accepting an obvious fraud election and an unelected cheating “president”
Accept a cheat & whatever follows is on you.
So either turn into a snowflake screaming at the sky permanently or fight the Big Cheat NOW
the only time that matters

B-17 Memphis Belle
B-17 Memphis Belle
3 years ago

Welcome to the real Resistance. You’re doing it right and the LAME hivemind borg is no place to be.
Assimilate with some Data (no offense Brent S) looking mofo and be told what to think?
Oh hell no.
What would Elvis, Jim Morrison and Steve Miller do?