Clueless Whoopi Goldberg Picks Dr. of Education Jill Biden for Surgeon General


How upside-down is the television “entertainment” industry?  We’ve witnessed late-night comedy morph into unfunny virtue signaling and lecturing, while daytime talkers trying to discuss serious topics, unwittingly utter statements made hilarious by their sheer stupidity.

Most recently the View’s Whoopi Goldberg made her pick for United States Surgeon General.  She proudly chooses Joe Biden’s wife, Jill.  Seems that the whole Dr. in front of Jill’s name fooled Whoopi into thinking Mrs. Biden was an actual M.D.

That couldn’t be much farther from the truth.  Joe’s bride, an English teacher at a community college, got her doctor of education from the University of Delaware.  That my friends is a long way from earning a residency at say, Johns Hopkins.

The punch lines write themselves here.  There are so many that we can’t remember whom to give proper attribution.  Maybe it was Mark Steyn or Tucker Carlson who said something like, “Perhaps Whoopi would be OK with Dr. Biden removing her appendix?”   Or,  “Imagine you’re suffering from cardiac arrest, and raced to the emergency room, only to see Dr. of Ed. Jill Biden holding your life in her chalk covered fingers.”

Well, the one thing of which we can be virtually certain is, folks playing Goldberg’s clueless idiocy for laughs won’t include any of the late-night “comedians”.  Perhaps it’s not their fault.  It may be, given their own profoundly dim-witted ways, those hosts were on board with Whoopi’s pick for Surgeon General of the United States!

Please don’t miss the 43-second clip.

Don’t forget to watch Tucker weigh-in:

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Anthony Stark
2 years ago

Obviously, no one should be surprised that a vapid millionaire who dresses… and “thinks”… like a unwashed, addled bag-lady sitting on the sidewalk mumbling to herself would make such an incredibly STUPID statement. However, what does it say about the View studio audience, who APPLAUDED in agreement with Whoopi’s inane comment? I guess they all get their “news” from “reporters” like ABC’s HACK propagandist Jonathan Karl, who sat there silently smiling like the fool he is, too petrified to correct Whoopi’s error lest he lose access to the View’s moronic audience.

When you need to be corrected by group consisting of people like Joyless Behar, supernaturally stupid Sunny Hostin and a clueless Valley Girl like Meghan McCain, whose collective IQ hovers around the room temperature of a cold TV studio, you should be seeing a REAL doctor to treat your severe mental decline.

What kind of a MORON watches these four mental defectives make fools of themselves every day?

Oh, that’s right… LIBERALS!

historic fundamental transformation
historic fundamental transformation
2 years ago

Whoopie Cushion Goldberg and Stacy Abrams 2024! Yes we can!
George Clooney for surgeon general because he played a doctor on teevee.
Comrade Cuomo for attorney general because laughter is food for the soul.

Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

This coven of morons on the view attracts the same type of mental midgets in their audience. After all Whoopie plays pretend as a living just like tough guy Robert de zero.

Frank S.
Frank S.
2 years ago

Funnier yet was hearing the dopey clapping seals it the View audience applauding “Whoopsie’s” pick.

2 years ago

“Dr.” biden’s dissertation would have, at best, received a ‘C’ as a grade for a high school term paper. Clearly the university of delaware is a joke.